The History of LKM

Who are we?

LKM Accounting is a small business servicing other small business’s accounting and bookkeeping needs. Yeah, I know, everyone thinks this is something they can do themselves until they see the pile 12 months of receipts in the shoe-box sitting on the desk, then we realize that there’s far more to this than we realized. That’s where we come in. We take that box of receipts and turn it into quantitative data that you can use to help you make business decisions. Bookkeeping isn’t just about your tax return, it’s a tool that assists business owners and managers in making business decisions – Is that revenue stream profitable, Can I hire a new staff member, How much did we spend on office supplies? All these can be answered and analyzed if you have the right tools setup to provide the quantitative accurate data.

Why are we different?

So what makes us different than the guy down the street or around the corner? We a different because we are just like you, our small business clients – we are also a small business so we understand what it takes to run a small successful business. LKM has been in business for over 15 years starting as a home based business running out of my basement to where we are today visibly located on Madison’s East side on the Stoughton Road Frontage road. What we do is help you free up your time so that you can do the things you went into business to do in the first place. We take the headache of the paperwork out of your hands and process it so you don’t have to. Where everyone is pushing clients onto a cloud platform that has the benefit of Real/Time, All the time access to data, We help you step away from the constant pull a small business demands. Running a business isn’t much different than having a small child – it seems to call you at all hours – day or night – giving you little time to step away. We are that reprieve. We can give you anytime access but when you step away, the pull to access that data stepped away too. Come in and ask us how we achieve this! Talk to us about how we can simplify your business life.

Who are our clients?

LKM Accounting focuses our service on the Entrepreneur and Small Business client with or without employees. We help you get started on the best foot possible with bookkeeping, payroll, and tax. If you have a current Tax Preparer and are happy with the service, we can work with your Tax person to get them accurate data for you returns. Or maybe you have a bookkeeper but don’t like your current tax preparer – we can do that too.

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