We Handle Your Books, So You Can Grow Your Business.

You’ve poured your life into your business – honing your product or service, finding the best employees, and outfitting a great location. Don’t sell your business short by stopping there – give yourself the best chance of success, knowing that your accounting and payroll needs are covered.

Accounting Made Easy For Small Business

  • Accurate and timely bookkeeping services.
  • Regular reconciliation of bank and credit card accounts.
  • Analysis of your cash flow and expenses.
  • Managing Accounts Payable.
  • Preparing and interpreting financial reports.

We Know Small Businesses, Because We Are One.

Financial Reports That Matter

  • Profit & Loss Statement – A monthly breakdown of sales, cost of sales, and expenses

  • Balance Sheet – A summary of your assets, liabilities, and equity

  • Cash Flow Statement – A monthly breakdown of where your cash went

  • General Ledger Report – A record of your transactions for the month – deposits, payments, and more

  • Prior Year Financial Reports – 12 month trend analysis


Bookkeeping is the recording of financial transactions, and is part of the process of accounting in business. Transactions include purchases, sales, receipts, and payments by an individual person or an organization/corporation.

Is this keeping you up at night? Sitting in front of the TV trying to data enter your last months transactions? Or maybe you have a link to your bank and the bank information just downloads into your books but you have no idea where it’s going or why your Electric Bill just posted to the Studio Supplies. It all seems easy until you get into the process and find out that there’s a little more to it than the commercials implied. Or how about you found one of those online services that entices you with a low monthly fee “Trust us” they say. Just give us your “Bank or Merchant Account Login” – Really? Can you really trust someone you’ve never met. We are here to help. We are a local small bookkeeping service with faces behind the voice you talk to on the phone or chat with on the IM. Pricing is based on your needs. We charge fixed hourly rates our services. We can setup a fixed monthy fee once we have a chance to review your needs. No gimmicks, you pay for what you need.


If you have employees already or are thinking about adding employees to your organization – we can help navigate you through what you need to do to setup the Business Tax Registration, Pay your employees and File the necessary tax returns when due.  Everything is handled here, nothing is farmed out to someone you haven’t met. We get your employees paid, your taxes remitted and your returned filed. For us, it’s just that simple. Let us worry about the administrative side – you do you.


LKM Accounting is your one stop full charge Bookkeeping, payroll and Tax provider.  We can handle preparing your personal and business returns and then electronically file them once you, the client and our in house CPA have gone over the returns to ensure you understand exactly what you are filing.  Accuracy is our number one concern when it comes to preparing you tax returns. IRS code changes annually, we keep up on those changes so you don’t miss out on deductions you are entitled to utilize. And because you may also be one of our bookkeeping clients, we are more in tune with your expenses and income ensuring that we haven’t overstated or understated your income.  

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