Where is my refund??

Tax Refunds Not in your bank yet?

So you are panicking! Your tax accountant said it should about 10-14 days (give or take) and most individuals are getting their refunds back – but it’s day 10 and you haven’t seen yours yet.  Well, hang in there! Unless you filed your return in early February, your return filing is in the height of the return season so it may be a couple more days of processing than it was a month ago. Additionally, if you have anything special happening on your return, Earned Income Credit, increased Medical Expenses, or maybe lots of stock sales… it could take a few days longer.

You can always go out to the IRS (or maybe even your State Revenue Department Website) and check on the “Where’s my Refund” option.  Have your tax return in front of you so you can verify who you are and click submit. These sites will give you a current status of your tax refund situation. Note that most refunds right now from the U.S. Treasury are out about 21 days. Long gone are the days of paper checks which took 6-8 weeks for the refund to get to you…. Remember that?  Aren’t we glad we are not back in those days!

Here is the IRS website to check on your refund.   https://www.irs.gov/Refunds

Remember, Tax Preparers are extremely busy right now so unless it’s been a month or more, try researching on the IRS or State Website first.  Your Tax Preparer will be very grateful you did.