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Scam Emails

WARNING! If you use QuickBooks and have your email ANYWHERE on their site, be warned that there are active scams going out to get your information! If you get any emails from what appears to be “Intuit” – BEFORE you hit reply, review the name@xxxxx.com address. These phishing emails look just like a legitimate email […]

Tip 1- W-2’s

You are required to provide a W-2 to all employees, regardless of gross earnings, by January 31st. To aid in the accurate information on the W-2″s, send out a notice with your November checks and have your employees review the information on their check stubs – Name spelling, Address, Social Security number (if printed). If […]

TIP 2 – Vendor 1099-MISC Information Returns

Besides W-2″s, businesses are required to provide 1099-MISC”s to any person or business (with certain exceptions) that have been paid more than $600 during the calendar year by January 31st. Start now, by running vendor payment reports and isolating only those vendors that you know MAY need to receive this information tax return. The $600 […]

TIP 3 – Leased Vehicles

An item that a lot of employers tend to forget about is Leased Vehicles. When vehicles are provided to employees for their use, you need to include a portion of the lease in the employees Gross wages as Fringe Benefits. Generally, this is based on the Fair Market value of the lease and the personal […]